23 January 2022



Star-clicks is an online advertising network registered in the UK. It connects the Advertisers and Publishers by providing advertising facilities to Advertisers and Ads Publishing and money making features to Publishers. You can sign up either as a publisher or an advertiser.

Publishers can make money by clicking on available ads while Advertisers can promote their websites by placing ads on the Star-clicks platform.


You can make money on star-clicks by clicking on ads and viewing them on the PPC Ads in the dropdown menu, scroll down and click on all available ads in the list. You can also earn by referral commissions i.e referring people to join star-clicks. Commissions are:

  • $0.08 per sign up.
  • $5 per gold package upgrade.
  • $10 per platinum package upgrade.

You can also earn by placing HTML code ads on your website/blog but the only condition is that you have to upgrade your account for getting access to HTML code ads.


Signing up to star-clicks is very easy and it’s also absolutely free, all you have to do is

  • Sign up through the link below:


  • Click on the Sign Up button.
  • Click on the Publisher Sign Up button.
  • Fill in your details correctly (ensure you enter the right information because once registered you won’t be able rectify it again).
  • Once you’re done filling all the fields, Click Submit.
  • Hit the Send Activation Email button.
  • After registration, you get an email to activate your account, open the email and click on the Activate Account Now.
  • You’ll be moved to a login webpage, login to your account by entering your email & password.
  • Now click on Phone Verification option on the menu bar of your account dashboard.
  • Select your country and enter your phone number then,
  • Click on Send Me Verification Code button, once you receive the code.
  • Enter the code in the Verification Code field and click the Verify button.

That’s it; you’ve successfully created a verified star-clicks account.



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